Sonsight Wind

Sonsight Wind is a small company located in Lawrenceville GA that was founded by Dr. Devon R McIntosh for applying research in electromagnetic interactions to problems related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.  To this end we developed an advanced light-weight low-rpm generator for direct drive turbines resulting in a patented design, and subsequently started developing a 3kW turbine around the generator.   

Moderate winds dominate most geographic regions.  The most practical way to generate greater energy at moderate wind sites and improve turbine cost effectiveness is to increase turbine swept area, which means increasing blade length.  However, since blade tip speed must remain low to minimize blade noise and erosion (blade noise is proportional to the 5th power of tip speed), the longer blades require lower RPM.  As a result, direct drive turbines (which comprise the vast majority of small turbines since eliminating the gearbox means lower cost and less maintenance) require lower RPM generators to accommodate the longer blades.  

We are working to complete development of the turbine.

Sonsight NREL Factsheet

​​2023 Innovator in Community Wind and Sustainable Development Award