Sonsight Wind

Sonsight Wind is a small company within the greater Atlanta GA area that was originally founded in Maryland by Dr. Devon R McIntosh to apply research in electromagnetic interactions to problems related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.  More recently the focus has been on the latter, and to this end we developed an advanced light-weight low-rpm generator for direct drive turbines resulting in a patented design that has been subsequently incorporated within a novel 3kW HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind turbine).  The turbine is characterized by long blades, low blade speeds and precise electronic controls that maximize energy capture at moderate windspeed sites.  Further, by using high volume off-the-shelf components like a solar inverter adapted for wind and commercially available blades, costs are kept low resulting in a low levelized cost of energy and a projected long life with high reliability.   

Sonsight NREL Factsheet

​​2023 Innovator in Community Wind and Sustainable Development Award